I thought I was going to be sick when I first heard the news that the Detroit Red Wings had signed former Nashville forward Jordin Tootoo.  When it goes to my all-time list of hockey players I can’t stand, Claude Lemieux is first, Patrick Roy is second and Jordin Tootoo is a close third.  To think of Tootoo donning the winged-wheel jersey gives me chills, and not in a good way.  This is one of the NHL’s cheap shot artists–the instigator of instigators that played for one of the Wings’ biggest rivals.  But after the initial shock of the signing, I started to think of some of the positives he may bring to the Wings on the ice.

For a smaller player, Tootoo can fight.  He will play the role of the enforcer, which is something the Red Wings are lacking.  Check out a few of his best fights during his career.

Although it may be tough initially, I really think most Wings fans are going to embrace Tootoo after he drops the gloves for the first time.  Wings’ fans have been looking for this type of player since Darren McCarty retired.  Okay, comparing Tootoo to McCarty is a total slap to the face to McCarty, but you get my drift.

As long as another big name is acquired in this offseason, fans’ initial anger over the Tootoo signing will dissipate.  He will fill a much needed role on this team.  As a fanbase, let’s just leave that stupid whistle tradition in Nashville and hope he can help win a cup next season.

-Sam Plymale